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It wont work if they drink black coffee. Getting the person sick will also not help. Sleeping it off is of no help either.

The effects of trying to get your friend sober through these orthodox methods could be catastrophic. And since it is hard to identify, the things mentioned above are especially true if a friend is suffering from a severe case alcohol overdose.

It is not easy to judge if someone is suffering from it by his drinking routine. So here, you will learn about some methods, which you can use to spot a patient, which results in saving his life.

Alcohol Is Toxic Seek To Know More From Herefordshire

Alcohol can have life-threatening consequences sometimes because it is toxic, even though it may not look like it. It is not an easy thing for a body to control the effects of Alcohol, so the number that can be processed in an hour is only one unit.

Your body can shut down when you consume large quantities of alcohol within a short period of time.

It could

  • Cause loss of sense of balance and slowing down of the brain functions
  • Cause irritations within the stomach leading to vomiting while also prohibiting the gag reflex within the body from functioning properly, resulting in choking on, inhaling or vomiting into your lungs
  • It can prevent you from breathing or your heart from beating by affecting the nerves that control these operations
  • Cause permanent brain damage due to dehydration
  • It can lower the temperature within the body which will in turn lead to hypothermia
  • Cause seizures due to lowering of sugar levels in the blood

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Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms Call Herefordshire Immediately

The symptoms of alcohol poisoning can be considered as a fine line. For a moment, your guest could seem fine, just silly drunk, but all too soon they could also become dangerously intoxicated.

A person experiencing acute alcohol poisoning will likely not be able to help themselves and this is what makes it important for you to be able to recognize the symptoms.

Following are some of the signs, which can help you identify if the person has alcohol poisoning or not

  • Confusion
  • Lack of coordination
  • Throwing up
  • Seizures
  • Slow or jumpy breathing (breathing less than 8 times in a minute)
  • Bluish or pale skin colour
  • Decreased body temperature (hypothermia)
  • Being unresponsive but consciour (Stupor)
  • Passing out - Unconciousness

Knowing What Not To Do Call Herefordshire

There are many dangers that come about due to alcohol poisoning. It could escalate due to your best intentions.

People make mistakes, which results in a dangerous situation for the patient, so you must know what can be good for him and what is not.


  • Leave Them To Sleep It Off
  • Even when you stop drinking, you blood alcohol level will still continue to rise.
  • Alcohol continues entering the bloodstream because there will still be some in the digestive system.
  • The body fails to function normally when there is excessive amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream.
  • Let Them Have Coffee
  • Alcohol can dehydrate the body.
  • Someone can lose even more water when they drink coffee.
  • You can suffer brain damage if the dehydration is severe enough.
  • Get Them To Be Sick
  • Their own vomit can block their throat and cause severe breathing problems, since the gag reflex isn't functioning properly.
  • Make Them Walk
  • Your sense of balance and mental functions are reduced by alcohol because of its depressing ability.
  • Making them walk around can potentially lead to accidents.
  • Give Them A Cold Shower
  • Alcohol already decreses the body temperature which could result in hypothermia.
  • A cold shower will only worsen the condition by making the individual even colder.
  • Allow Them To Drink More Alcohol
  • The quantity of alcohol within the bloodstream could become dangerously excessive.

Any amount of alcohol can lead to an alcohol overdose, as no amount is too small.

Alcohol poisoning is, in most cases, a result of binge drinking. This is not always the case, however.

Taking other drugs, recent meals, sex, weight, age, physical condition and rate of drinking will all play a role.

The guidelines from medical experts in this case, offer the best advice on what to do. Drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week is not recommended for women or men. However, you are advised to reduce the amount you consume at a time if you must avoid immediate risks like injury and accidents.

Before It Is Too Late Seek Assistance Immediately At Herefordshire

It is better to be safe rather than sorry when the matter is related to alcohol poisoning.

Contact emergency services on 999 for medical assistance when you suspect someone is suffering from an alcohol overdose, even when you are not sure.

The number of people admitted because of alcohol poisoning every weekend runs into hundreds. Those with less acute alcohol poisoning are released after the medical personnel have closely examined them. In case the symptoms are much more serious they could .

  • Assist them in breathing by placing a tube inside their throat
  • Their vitamin levels, blood sugar and body water content could be increased by administering drip on them.
  • Install a catheter - this is a tube connected to a bag that enables them to urinate straight into it.
  • A tube could also be inserted through the nose or the mouth to pump the stomach.